Thursday, 7 February 2013

Eyeliner Love

Eyeliner has been a huge trend in makeup this past F/W, everything from heavily smoldered eyes to clean geometric shapes. The more winged out and bold the better! I may have a  little obsession with eyeliner so I was very excited to see this trend pop up everywhere.  Here is a look that I came up little while ago, it was my attempt at a double winged liner. A classic look with a modern twist.

 Angelina xo


  1. Hey Angelina,

    I just noticed your blog through linkedin.

    I am loving the winged out eye liner look.

    Let me know if you try out Elyssa Jade's or Sugar Pill's cosmetics.

    1. Thank you Sumera!
      I'm already a big fan of Sugar Pill, they have amazing makeup. I will have to do a review one day.


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